SAI PAN (2016)
size: 50 X 50 cm
screen print, paper 250g
LIMITED EDIT111ONS (111), signed by the artist

Sai Pan (1992) is a 4th year Visual Communication student at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana. While studying at the Secondary School of Design and Photography, he won 2nd place in the photo contest “Ljubljana through the eyes of a secondary-school student” and made the selection in the MAKfest photo contest. In years 2009 and 2010 he was intern at two communication agencies (Aanima, LUNA/TBWA). Alongside his studies he was dedicating much of his time to the student area at the Academy, the so-called Kurilnica. He was the initiator and very active in reviving the space. With a large group of students, he executed 7 independent exhibitions there in years 2013-2014, and it was also where his first solo exhibition was held. During his studies he participated actively in the organisation and visualisation of events (exhibitions, parties, round tables) that were organised within the context of the educational institution. Since 2008 he has participated actively in various projects of Ana Monro Theatre, mainly taking care for the stage set and props (for plays Mati Korajža, Ana Desetnica, various street actions). He showed his work in exhibition Silent Action, Many Happy Returns in Kurilnica, Understanding Photography in Mikado Gallery, Fake Gallery Club in K4 Club, Pop-up Home, Common Space exhibition in gallery Kortil Rijeka and 5th Independent Bienale. He divides his time between painting, illustration, design and music.
50 EUR