RONE84 (2015)
size: 44.5 x 44.5 cm (unframed)
offset print, paper 250g
LIMITED EDIT111ONS (111), signed by the artist

Ron Preinfalk RONE84 (Ljubljana, 1973) graduated from Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts (classic graphics) where he later assisted an the program of rotogravure printing technology. In addition to his painting and studio work he complements his expressions with art in public spaces. He started with independent exhibiting in 1997 and spent the last few years active mainly within projects of gallery P74 P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. (2001), Independent Biennial (2011), Strupena galerija (2012), Kapsula (2013), Kibla Portal – Don’t be afraid, you are the best! (2014) and Tam-Tam Gallery (2015). In the year of 2013 his first art book has been published, titled And the beat goes on / RONE84. It contains exclusively visual art material and is a summary of many drawings born during his daily sketching from 1988 until present day. It is a wonderful overview of 350 selected drawings, 100 signed and numbered copies, a kind of a poetry in drawings for adults. As he puts it himself: It’s the cherry of my sketchbook. The art book received praises in the selection of Brumen reward and is currently a part of the tenth NY Art Book Fair in New York’s MoMA where institution P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. is presenting current editions of artist’s books and the selection of collector editions.
50 EUR