NATAN ESKU (2014) 
size: 42.0 x 59.4cm (unframed) 
UV digital print, paper 200g 

Natan Esku is an illustrator who reflects deep curiosity, a desire to explore new materials and techniques, constantly pushing the boundaries of his creative expression beyond his sight and aesthetic feeling. Having keenly experimented in the field of visual art, he has professionally established himself in seemingly separate fields like painting, sculpture, graphic design, photography, interior design as well as development of characters for the puppet theatre and animation. To him, each creative experience is unique. He transfers every experience from one field to another, recycles and recreates them. His works teases a comic strand that reveals the story by itself. It is rendered alive through a decisive black line, strong basic colours and contrasts. There is much wordplay, at times ironic and socially critical, and at time less deliberate, where words become the product of a transient impression, or simply exist - isolated and detached. The totality of these elements equals a powerfully recognisable author’s touch – resistant to social and cultural currents. Natan graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts and Design in Ljubljana and completed his specialisation at the Academy in Budapest.

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