size: 42.0 x 59.4cm (unframed) 
UV digital print, paper 200g 
LIMITED EDIT111ONS (111), signed by the artist

Dancing artichokes, strawberries and scampi, ethereal silhouettes and poetic landscapes. Watercolours are the Slovenian illustrator and designer Meta Wraber's trademark. Graduating from her studies of visual communications at the Slovenian Academy of Fine Arts and Design with honors, she completed her degree with an artistic redesign of Kuharske bukve by Valenitn Vodnik, which brought her to the drawing of food. Her illustrated culinary poetry can be admired in literary essays, newspapers, books and posters. She illustrated many book covers, the collection of poems "V naročju" and meditative stories "Sto obrazov notranje moči" by Alenka Rebula. This year she designed and illustrated the collection of poems "Labrador" by Kajetan Kovič, which steered her creative process toward a novel artistic expression. Throughout experimentation with different drawing and painting techniques, Meta retains her unique aesthetics, which reveal her inner world through intimacy of narration. Her current passion is scetching monkeys, a personal project, where her spontaneous strokes are dedicated to the exploration and perception of boundaries between illustration and painting.
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