size: 42.0 x 59.4cm (unframed) 
UV digital print, paper 200g 
LIMITED EDIT111ONS (111), signed by the artist

Coco Wasabi was born in 1984 in Vienna, Austria. She completed her art practice at the Vienna Art School and is currently finishing her study of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria. In her studies of sculpture, Coco learned about dimensional operation, depth and perspective, which gave her a solid foundation in the production of art and collage. From her position, the most important fascination in working with art collages is to take images from the original context and place them into a whole new world. Cutting and gluing is simultaneously her therapy and deepest expression – the final art piece has no limits. Coco is constantly experimenting, using different visual media such as print on paper, canvas, tiles, postcards and glass. She has been exhibiting since 2005 and taking part in the events such as Dots 21 and Neni Art Collective & Yves Saint Laurent. Coco’s art work can be found in numerous private collections at home and abroad.
50 EUR